Do you know that choosing the best film streaming app can be confusing?” especially when one has no idea about the best film streaming app with awesome features. So here, I made a review of 5 best Movie streaming Apps for an impeccable theater session on cell phones. The list of the best streaming apps which will keep you spellbound with their outstanding features and quality contents are in the following order.

  1. CinemaBox: This is an excellent HD movie streaming app with millions of download that has been tested and trusted by users around the world, with its mind blowing features that will give you the best of online movie streaming experience. It’s undoubtedly one of the finest video apps with remarkable features like disconnected mode, heading support, child’s genre and the Chrome Cast bolster. It also has intriguing collections of HD videos with lots of movies that will keep you glued to your mobile device even while on the go.
  2. Bobby Movie Box: This is one of the coolest apps to watch movies on your iPhone device with familiar and cutting edge User Interface. This app permits you to watch movies in HD quality. Also. The best advantage of this film app is that it gets upgraded as often as possible. Thus, it can is easily downloaded from the authorized website of Bobby Movie Box or specifically from App store.
  3. Crackle: Crackle is another fabulous app that helps you to watch movies online with no convoluted methodology. With its anything but difficult to explore UI, you can without much of a stretch peruse the best movies, TV Serials, Shows, and a great deal more quickly. Like different apps, even Crackle backings TV to view movies on the bigger screens.
  4. Hubi: Hubi is one of the finest Android apps which lets you stream online movies, stations and lots more. Advance, you can view and download any recordings from the website, and you won’t be charged anything for downloading. Indeed, even downloading itself is extensively quicker since it gathers downloads and gives you their server links.
  5. YouTube: YouTube stays unchanged in the video business for a considerable length of time, and it altogether merits it. With regards to movies on the Android telephone. YouTube can assist you in the way. All sort of recordings is available in its database, even movies also. With this app, you can undoubtedly watch movies or recordings on your Android telephone without being failed with different film applications.


If for instance, you are on the train with a decent internet connection available to you, you can quickly set yourself on the path of entertainment by getting on any of these streaming apps to thrill yourself with some best theater masterpiece for your viewing pleasure on the go.

Foxtel and Apple move to keep their audience

FOXTEL has announced new plans for a budget streaming service, a move that will see it take the battle for online viewers up to its TV competitors. The leading pay-TV company revealed a new look logo and on demand platform Foxtel Now, during an all-star gala party in Sydney. Foxtel Now will offer viewers affordable and flexible subscriptions to their favorite drama, sport, lifestyle, and movie programming.

Foxtel Now Play package will make sure subscribers have a better free will and right to use Foxtel’s content, starting from $10 a month.

Peter Tonagh the Foxtel CEO said that Foxtel Now represents their most reasonably priced and flexible entertainment service and comes with it HD streaming; a fresh look and feel and the liberty to come in and out based on your viewing settings.

Foxtel Now will attribute five opening level packs to fit viewers’ interests, as well as drama and pop packs; or documentaries, lifestyle, or kids packs for only $10 each.

The comedy and pop packs are anticipated to be the most trendy, permitting access to Foxtel’s award-winning HBO slate including VEEP, Westworld, Big Little Lies, and the forthcoming season seven of Game Of Thrones for just $15 a month.

For only $20 a month, you can access Foxtel Now’s movies pack in addition to an entry level package. The sports package is available for $29 more per month. This means sports lovers can now access to Foxtel’s extensive sports programming for as little as $39 per month.

Mr. Tonagh stated that they believe everybody deserves to experience the world’s best entertainment. He also noted that Foxtel is already popular for providing high-quality homegrown drama, in addition to different live sport, new shows, new movies, and a full season than anyone else in Australia.

Unfortunately, not all Australians can benefit from this incredible programming. Foxtel Now will be available on Mac/PC via the Telstra TV, Google Chrome browser, Chromecast, iOS and Android mobiles and tablets.

Additional devices will be upgraded in subsequent months. Other devices, including Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and 4, and select Smart TVs can stream Foxtel content in SD through the Foxtel Play app.

Good news for Apple users

It is good news to all Apple TV users who are interested in watching shows such as The Man in the High Castle. Amazon Prime shows will soon be available on Apple’s streaming platform. This is according to Deadline reports.

Tim Cook, the Chief Executive Officer of Apple, said this during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference signifying a thaw in the somewhat chilly connection between the tech giants, as Amazon’s Fire Stick, which connects TVs to Internet-delivered content, is a competitor to Apple TV. They contend in many other areas as well and have in previously beefed over the use of the popular phrase “app store.”

Amazon Prime’s unique content will be made accessible on Apple TV later this year and will have users watch all the original content.

Abhibus unveils a movie streaming service on some buses

Ever thought of traveling in a bus where you can stream your favorite movies at small charges? Well, this is happening. With everyone moving to do business online, buses are also taking the same direction. This is a move to ensure the travelers do not miss a thing when it comes to online. This includes popular movies. Well if you haven’t experienced that kind of ride, this developing story will surely interest you.

Bus aggregator Abhibus has begun an entertainment product known as Abhimovies. The service will feature travelers streaming a catalog of movies without the having to connect to the Internet. Abhibus’ COO, Biju Mathews, said that the buses would be fixed with a gadget that will play the role of a hotspot and where passengers can connect through WiFi. This is the same as LAN network, but users will not be able to log into the Internet.

Mathews also said that the movie record which will be stored locally on the device, it will launch an application where they can surf through the compilation and watch movies, once the user connects to the network. Just as the vehicle arrives at a bus terminal, the device connects to a high -speed router which will reload the catalog for the next drive. Bus staff can provide this product using the  Abhibus EDGE, the cloud-based software for operators to run inventory, vehicle tracking facility and full reports to take better over business management.

Mathews also added that Currently, Abhibus has a list of 1,500 movies which are at the moment South Indian movies, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam movies and others more. He further said that Abhimovies is running on 100 buses as a pilot and is expected to grow to 2,000 buses afterward. It will be accessible to all travelers on the bus now, but later access will be offered to customers who book a ticket via Abhibus,” said Mathews.


Note that this is comparable to Fropcorn, a service that allows users connect to its WiFi at the airs

trip, from where users can speedily download movies and other content to watch on the go. Users

will need the platform’s application before being able to download these movies. The videos are a

ccessible for a certain price, and after payment, users are able to download the movie actually within three minutes. The service is already working in the Hyderabad International Airport in the safety hold section of the domestic terminal.

The motive

Based on the fact that we are living in a technological era, this move is likely to attract more travelers to use the buses than before. It will help the passengers to have a comfortable and enjoyable journey and reduce their internet costs. Other buses and movie streaming service company are expected follow this direction in something that is projected to be seen as a battle for both online audience and passengers. It may also result in reduced internet costs that the buses are expected to charge.

30 films have crossed $1 billion at the box office: “They may be the last” says Netflix

Though movie theaters have been there for a long time, at times, their environment makes the film lack meaning. You pay high ticket prices to enjoy a movie on uncomfortable seats, sticky floors, noise all over the area, and watching on the small screen. According to Netflix’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos that has long changed since you can cinema-quality viewing anywhere you go with movie streaming apps such as Netflix and Amazon Prime video streaming service.

Sarandos says that subscription is the better way to monetize many of the movies but not every movie. He continues to state that ‘Beauty and the Beast’ might be the last billion-dollar movie ever. Last month, just after the Beauty and the Beast live-action reboot The Fate of the Furious crossed the $1 billion score.

Though you might be considering that the next installment of Star Wars, (one of the top-grossing franchises ever) will be an exemption, Sarandos is not so certain.

Sarandos’ say on Star Wars: Episode VIII

When asked if he thinks Star Wars: Episode VIII is not going to be $1 billion dollar movie, the chief content officer of Netflix movie streaming app said it might be, but it will be exceptional. He continues to state that it is already unusual. According to Box Office Mojo records, there are just 30 movies in Hollywood report that have gained over a billion dollar at the global box office. Six of them have also made several runs. The 1997 Titanic film by James Cameron became the first a billion dollar movie when it completed its first run in 1998. It also remained the highest grossing film of all time until 2009. It was later beaten by Avatar, another Cameron title.

Netflix distributing more films

Netflix has in the meantime been making and giving out more films such as David Ayer’s upcoming title Bright, War Machine, and Martin Scorsese’s next project, The Irishman, Cannes contenders Okja and The Meyerowitz Stories. And it’s aggravating up cinema operators in the process. Netflix movies appear online the same day they hit theaters. Though somehow much every other distributor, including Amazon Prime, gives cinemas at least 90 days to screen their movies entirely before releasing them in other formats; a model Netflix believes will soon fail.

Sarandos however, doesn’t believe streaming movies will kill films altogether. He has faith in them and the idea of people leaving movie theaters if day-and-date releasing was going on, doesn’t give more details about the sector.

Netflix played a big part in changing how we watch television and movies by making available the monthly payment model and leading the charge for viewing anything anyplace. The video behemoth doesn’t offer quite as much third-party content as it used to, but for many, its unique shows remain essential viewing. Netflix applications are consistently placing a higher bar for on-the-go TV watching. Netflix intends to start at $7.99 a month. But you have to spend extra for HD and 4K content.