30 films have crossed $1 billion at the box office: “They may be the last” says Netflix

Though movie theaters have been there for a long time, at times, their environment makes the film lack meaning. You pay high ticket prices to enjoy a movie on uncomfortable seats, sticky floors, noise all over the area, and watching on the small screen. According to Netflix’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos that has long changed since you can cinema-quality viewing anywhere you go with movie streaming apps such as Netflix and Amazon Prime video streaming service.

Sarandos says that subscription is the better way to monetize many of the movies but not every movie. He continues to state that ‘Beauty and the Beast’ might be the last billion-dollar movie ever. Last month, just after the Beauty and the Beast live-action reboot The Fate of the Furious crossed the $1 billion score.

Though you might be considering that the next installment of Star Wars, (one of the top-grossing franchises ever) will be an exemption, Sarandos is not so certain.

Sarandos’ say on Star Wars: Episode VIII

When asked if he thinks Star Wars: Episode VIII is not going to be $1 billion dollar movie, the chief content officer of Netflix movie streaming app said it might be, but it will be exceptional. He continues to state that it is already unusual. According to Box Office Mojo records, there are just 30 movies in Hollywood report that have gained over a billion dollar at the global box office. Six of them have also made several runs. The 1997 Titanic film by James Cameron became the first a billion dollar movie when it completed its first run in 1998. It also remained the highest grossing film of all time until 2009. It was later beaten by Avatar, another Cameron title.

Netflix distributing more films

Netflix has in the meantime been making and giving out more films such as David Ayer’s upcoming title Bright, War Machine, and Martin Scorsese’s next project, The Irishman, Cannes contenders Okja and The Meyerowitz Stories. And it’s aggravating up cinema operators in the process. Netflix movies appear online the same day they hit theaters. Though somehow much every other distributor, including Amazon Prime, gives cinemas at least 90 days to screen their movies entirely before releasing them in other formats; a model Netflix believes will soon fail.

Sarandos however, doesn’t believe streaming movies will kill films altogether. He has faith in them and the idea of people leaving movie theaters if day-and-date releasing was going on, doesn’t give more details about the sector.

Netflix played a big part in changing how we watch television and movies by making available the monthly payment model and leading the charge for viewing anything anyplace. The video behemoth doesn’t offer quite as much third-party content as it used to, but for many, its unique shows remain essential viewing. Netflix applications are consistently placing a higher bar for on-the-go TV watching. Netflix intends to start at $7.99 a month. But you have to spend extra for HD and 4K content.